Nutrasumma: Protein with Shrooms


Nutrasumma was the first company to combine the versatility of plant protein powder with the power of organic mushrooms (which was a top trending supplement ingredient in 2018). The challenge was to communicate that while creating a product that combines these two super ingredients, the superiority of each was preserved, resulting in a finished product packed with the full benefits of both and twice the potency of leading mushroom supplements.

Using humor and playful design, we were able to bring curiosity, interest and awareness to an innovative and functional formula. Through various channels, we focused on the endless list of benefits to create a clear message that this product truly is the total package. 

AD: Bob Sandefur

Website Landing Page

“Let’s Do Some Shrooms” was the go-to campaign message. To put it front and center, we created a straightforward landing page on the Nutrasumma website.

Information Materials

Front and back informational cards provided to retail partners, sales reps and customers. 


Enhanced Brand Content for Amazon highlighting benefits, ingredients and functionality. 

Marketing material for 

Social Media 

Short-form video to visually communicate the overwhelming quantity and variety of powerful ingredients. 

Photography executions to support giveways as well as align the product with athletic and fitness-minded indiviudals.