As you likely already know, my name is Frank Rocchio. But you came here for more than that, so here’s the rest of the story. 

I got my start in third-grade art class (didn’t we all?) when I was commissioned by Mrs. Cohen to take creative lead on a school event campaign (in other words, I finger painted a flag for field day). To put it simply, visual arts, poetry, music and other outlets of creative expression and inspiration all appealed to me at a very young age. The tragedy of this story is that for the next fifteen years, I didn’t do much in pursuit of these curiosities. Although I dabbled, I spent my years through college focused on pursuing another dream: baseball. I don’t regret a moment of it, but as you can probably guess, it didn’t quite set me up to stretch my creative muscle in my lifelong work.

So, during the first few years following college, I scratched and clawed to dig my way back into the creative mold. Through many long hours of study, practice and infinite cups of pour-over coffee, I’ve made my way back. And though I am appreciative for the level of knowledge and expertise I have gained already, I approach every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. As a lifelong learner, I plan to spend my career honing my craft to best serve those who trust me to communicate their vision.

The answer to what I do likely varies depending on who you ask. Some may say I do branding. Others might refer to me as a storyteller. I would tell you they’re both right, because in my book, they’re one in the same. Of course, these services have endless forms of execution. Here are the ones I tend to stake my reputation on:




Brand Identity
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Customer Experience


Social and Digital Media
Email Marketing

MY APPROACH Brands posses a great, yet delicate power. If done well, even a single advertisement can unite an entire tribe of people together. If done poorly, the same scenario can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of consumers for what seems like eternity. In order to achieve the former, I’ve developed an approach to branding using only the most proven and successful methodologies. 


Tell only true stories.

A true story is not only easier to tell, it is unbreakable at its core and will ignite authentic human connection as a result. We just need to find what the true story is and share it properly.

Be human-centric.

Focus energy on building long-term, human-centric relationships with customers. Not only will you get the short-term gain you need, but you also will have created a sustainable company. It is through this process that you become more than just a business. You become an influential part of a tribe that impacts people’s lives for the better.


Emotion comes
first, and last.

Emotion is what you should start with and what you should end with. Use logic and data as a tool. But let your gut be your map and make things that enhance human connection, because that’s what matters.